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Door of reclaimed boxcar boards

The Fowler boxcar – last built in 1914 for CP and CN. The last of them finally decommissioned by about the 1960’s.

These boards were originally from a grain car. In their second life they were crafted into a barn on the prairies. The barn was recently reclaimed by the fantastic folks at Reclaimed Trading Company. The boards show some wonderful wear from the grain as it blew out of the bolt holes over the many years on the rails. For their third life – a double dutch entry door. Fully weather sealed and insulated glass…

2014-12-20 11.25.19 2014-12-20 11.27.18 2014-12-20 11.27.32

2014-12-12 15.37.44

2014-12-15 16.53.30 2014-12-15 16.53.06  2014-12-12 14.56.53 2014-12-11 13.33.11 2014-12-11 13.01.35

2014-10-25 15.31.02    2014-10-25 15.34.072014-10-25 15.35.17         2014-10-25 14.35.45grain02

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