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Sneak preview of a table that is available for order now

Inspired by the old 19th Century folding wine table from Twente. The “Twentse klaptafel” is a classic throughout the Netherlands

The inspiration

Table 1

An early peak at ts contemporary prodigy. Still requires final finishing and the metal latch.

2013-10-17 12.17.47 B2013-10-17 12.17.59 B2013-10-17 12.16.16 B

This table is built to be used and will look better and better as it patina’s over the years. The top is 39″ round and is made of random width boards up to 16 inches wide that are not glued. Like the original, this lets the table come into itself as it settles into the local climate and move with the seasons.

All the woods used are either from sustainable harvests or reclaimed. Because I’m using the widest boards I can find, availability of different species varies. Current, I’m making the tables out of Red Batau (similar to mahogany) and they are as comfortable outside all year as inside.

Oak is what the original tables were made from. Other options include Cherry, Maple or Black Walnut.  Cedar is also available. Because of how soft cedar is, the top would need to be made from 6″ boards.

The finish is a clear oil stain intended specifically for hardwood.

Prices and delivery times vary depending on the wood used and how busy we are. Woods we use (subject to availability) are Red Balau, Maple, Cherry, Cedar, Oak and Black Walnut.

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